Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tuning in to some FUN!

We were on Danna Crawford's Internet Radio Show last night...and boy, did we have FUN! One of the Moderators in our group, Patty Garcia of key*west*kids, was by my side with Danna as we viewed some of the auction listings...there are really some GREAT listings going on right now!

A Highlight of the show was when Jodie and Mitchell called in. Jodie, eBay ID: kjncm is the mother of Mitchell, 10, who is one of the children who graces our auction template. Mitchell has Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes and is helping us to raise awareness of the disease. He let us know that he attended a Diabetes camp this summer...I think it is wonderful that there is a place for children who share the same condition to meet up with each other and know exactly what the other children are going through. He is also ready for school as he has had a wonderful swim-filled summer. They were a delight to have on the show and we appreciate them calling in!!!

Another highlight came within the last 20 minutes of the show. Danna had worked very hard to get a representative of JDRF to come on and speak with us. Well...they delivered!

Jackie and Molly Singer, representatives for JDRF and founders of the Diabetic Angels, were so inspirational. They are twin 19 year old sisters, Molly was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes as a toddler and Jackie, who is not a diabetic, is tested each year. They both have been motivated to be Diabetes Advocates and to raise awareness of the disease to those who don't understand...mainly their peers. Read what heart-wrenching event in 1998 led them to form the Diabetic Angels. At the end of the show, having found out that they were singers (coincidentally also being their last name), Danna put them on the spot and ultimately asked if they would sing for was Heavenly!

Well, the launch isn't over...we still have one week left to go, but we have had a very successful launch already. Not only are we wanting to raise monies towards the research of Juvenile Diabetes but we are also trying to raise awareness about the disease and how it affects the young children it has taken a hold of. Mitchell and Jamie, at their tender age, can feel proud that they are doing what they can to help others. AND, Jackie and Molly who "mounted an attack on ignorance" of what Diabetes actually was, an attack so large that it is now 5 continents-wide, can also relish in the fact that they are role models.

Thank you to all who called in and to all who listened...we look forward to meeting up with Danna again in November when we have our next launch!

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