Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Choices, choices and more choices...

We are in the early stages of choosing a charity for our next launch in November.
It's not a long process, but reviewing all of the charities can be a bit...well, overwhelming!

It's always so exciting to see who will be next!

We should announce a charity some time within the next couple of weeks...stay tuned!

Friday, August 22, 2008

JDRF launch officially over!

Our last auction ended earlier today...and after 2 weeks...and 45 listings...we were able to raise

That amount will be going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

We would like to thank Mitchell and his mother Jodie, and Jamie and her mother, Adrienne!

A big thank you also to all of our buyers, bidders and supporters who joined us in our Bidder's group and all who bid on our auctions!

And of course, thank you to all of our members who listed, for generously donating their talents and creations so that all of this could be possible!

Our next launch will begin November 3...please mark it on your calendar!
Check back here to see which charity we will be launching for then...will it be YOURS??

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our last auction...

...will be ending in a few hours...and you MUST see it!

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the auction, because princess*bunny*02 was adding
more as the bids went up! AND, they went up...won't YOU bid???

This is going to make one SPECIAL little girl VERY, VERY HAPPY!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Green frogs and silver frogs...

Does your little girl like frogs? She will now...she'll even hold them...and
give them a little kiss!
*art2wear* has designed these cute little bracelets with your little princess
in mind...they are both at a great price, too! Catch 'em before they
hop away!!!!

(click on the pictures to view auction)

YOU be the designer...

Something for the boys...

little*red*wagon's "Say Anything Tee", let's you
decide! Your tee will have a custom phrase
and small coordinating applique!

Here's your chance for him to say what he's been
wanting to!

AND, something for the girls...

mimi*kattini is also offering the chance for
YOU to design a twirl skirt!

Get it while you can!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Come and get 'em!!!

"Ruff, ruff", barked the little doggie, "take me home!".

This blouse from george*gabrielle*couture is oh so cute! Spiffy little dachshund dominate this pink print!

Your little one will be sure to ask, "Can we keep them?"

I know, I know...I keep saying there is something for everyone...BUT, there really is!!!!

Just look at these Critters and Bugs!!!!
These boutique pillow cases by kjncm, are absolutely adorable!!!
He is sure to have a good night's sleep with his little head on these!

"Robin's Nest Originals Proudly Offers......


This 2 piece hoodie set is so trendy for this fall! AND,
what little girl doesn't love cats!

Cats AND twirl?
This one from mikandrob
has it all!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Perfect for gift giving!

Nothing says DIVA like purple and pink! AND, these bows and clippies from
catherines*tresor*bowtique would make a perfect giftie for any girlie!

"Cream & Sugar, Sweet Treats for your ears!"
So perfectly said! My ears just said-YUM! These earrings from sugarplumsllc, are just great for those casual days and for those dinner versatile!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time to accessorize...

Every little girl needs a Halloween bow wear for school or just during the whole month of October! AND, this one is comes with a matching clippie, too! *SIGH* look at the candy corn ribbon bella*jo*bows to create the scrumptious bows!

Am I reading this auction right??? There are 20 of these small boutique bows??? eyes are not deceiving me...there are 20 according to the designer, sweetie*dumplings! These are a must have for a baby or toddler or even for the older girl who is still very much a bow girl!!!!

I've really been enjoying the trend of hand stamped's just simplicity at it's finest, making it a priceless keepsake! AND, this cuff bracelet is just so will be hand stamped with words of inspiration for the winner, by designer cinnamon*sticks!

Catch 'em while you still can...

Luvin' this lavender set from luvnstitches!
This 3 piece twirly set includes a matching dress
for her favorite baby doll! This would make for
a very special gift for a very special little girl!!!

I LOVE this color...and I love this Batik print!
This looks like such a comfortable dress...and
it still has that twirlability...something ALL little
girls love! This sweet butterfly dress by emerald_door is sure to be one of her favorites!

Can't you just imagine the teacher's
eyes as your little preschooler walks
in the door to her classroom wearing this
cute jumper by tictactogs?
AND, denim...makes it even more

Another PERFECT set for back 2 school!!!
This cute set by paintedbutterflystudio has FUN written all over it...okay, so well, it has the
alphabet written all over it...but you know how much fun she'll have in this one!!!!

Just look at these beautiful earrings! Hand formed from sterling silver by the designer, cinnamon*sticks, they feature gorgeous Peridot gem stones!
A must have for any wardrobe!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Going, going....

...not GONE yet!!!

If you hurry you can still catch some FANTASTIC finds while still contributing
to a very worthy cause!!!! All of these will be ending tomorrow, Wednesday August you'd better hurry!!!!

This GORGEOUS bracelet will definitely take you into fall with style!
Look at those genuine, beautiful green turquoise beads! Love this one by swirlsandtwirls...hurry and bid!!!!

Simple...with a vintage feel!
Vintage Pink will be custom sized, 18 mos to girl's 4, by the designer, mimi*kattini!

Ruffles and Stripes for your Princess Diva! This very sweet drawstring purse
was lovingly made by sillgeesedesigns!

It' simply perfect!!!

Such girly colors...your little one has to have something
in her closet to match this set! This One of A Kind necklace and bracelet is by
msgoodie2shews...don't let it slip away!!!!

It is beautiful!

"Primrose Path"
is one of designer winnipoo's most popular bracelets...
AND, it's her LAST one!!!!

Definite eye candy!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tuning in to some FUN!

We were on Danna Crawford's Internet Radio Show last night...and boy, did we have FUN! One of the Moderators in our group, Patty Garcia of key*west*kids, was by my side with Danna as we viewed some of the auction listings...there are really some GREAT listings going on right now!

A Highlight of the show was when Jodie and Mitchell called in. Jodie, eBay ID: kjncm is the mother of Mitchell, 10, who is one of the children who graces our auction template. Mitchell has Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes and is helping us to raise awareness of the disease. He let us know that he attended a Diabetes camp this summer...I think it is wonderful that there is a place for children who share the same condition to meet up with each other and know exactly what the other children are going through. He is also ready for school as he has had a wonderful swim-filled summer. They were a delight to have on the show and we appreciate them calling in!!!

Another highlight came within the last 20 minutes of the show. Danna had worked very hard to get a representative of JDRF to come on and speak with us. Well...they delivered!

Jackie and Molly Singer, representatives for JDRF and founders of the Diabetic Angels, were so inspirational. They are twin 19 year old sisters, Molly was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes as a toddler and Jackie, who is not a diabetic, is tested each year. They both have been motivated to be Diabetes Advocates and to raise awareness of the disease to those who don't understand...mainly their peers. Read what heart-wrenching event in 1998 led them to form the Diabetic Angels. At the end of the show, having found out that they were singers (coincidentally also being their last name), Danna put them on the spot and ultimately asked if they would sing for was Heavenly!

Well, the launch isn't over...we still have one week left to go, but we have had a very successful launch already. Not only are we wanting to raise monies towards the research of Juvenile Diabetes but we are also trying to raise awareness about the disease and how it affects the young children it has taken a hold of. Mitchell and Jamie, at their tender age, can feel proud that they are doing what they can to help others. AND, Jackie and Molly who "mounted an attack on ignorance" of what Diabetes actually was, an attack so large that it is now 5 continents-wide, can also relish in the fact that they are role models.

Thank you to all who called in and to all who listened...we look forward to meeting up with Danna again in November when we have our next launch!

Friday, August 8, 2008

So many GREAT finds...

Have you searched our auctions today???

Any University of Tennessee fans out there???
This is one little set you can not pass up! *pamelas*place*boutique* will
have your little one sitting pretty cheering on your favorite team !!!

Well you can't have a custom boutique launch without the
VIDA pattern dress making an appearance!
And... here it all it's colorful cutie-ness, created by luvinstitches.
It's a must have!!!

Who hasn't been taken in by the Sock Monkey?!!
I love this lime colored print...and so will your little girl! This cute top was made in the ever so
popular peasant style by kjncm! Bid on it today!!!!

How Delicious is this?
This sweet apple necklace by barefoot*divas is sure to
be a hit for the start of the school year...
...OR for that cute Snow White outfit...
...OR for the next little featured number below!

Another one from kjncm!
Mmmmmmm....can you smell that
home-baked apple pie, yet?

She will look sweet in this versatile 2 piece set!
This One of a Kind is ready to ship in a size 5/6/6x!!!!

Here's an oh-so-cute jack-o-lantern for Halloween!!!
This cute One of A Kind 2 piece set by luvinstitches is just adorable and
is ready to ship for your 24 mos/2T sized girly!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Boutique on Danna's Radio Show!

Once again, we will be joining Danna on her successful internet radio show!
The show will be a live broadcast on tomorrow, Friday, August 8 at 8pmEST.
We hope you will tune in and maybe even call in!!!! We'd love to hear from you!
Also, a representative from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will be joining us
for the last 20 minutes of the be sure to listen to hear what he/she will have to say!
Here is the link to listen to the radio show:

Call-in Number: (646) 595-3995

Also, we are being featured on the eBay Chatter here, please make sure to
take a peek!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh...there's more!!!!

For your viewing pleasure....

One DOZEN Boutique Frosted Sugar cookies!!!!
Can you say Y U M M Y??!!!
Home baked and decorated by little*red*wagon, she'll even make them
with splenda if needed!

Tummy Time who didn't want a picture of
their pretty little baby in a tutu? Well, I certainly did...
Just think how adorable she will look in this sassy little thing by tutus*_ island_bliss!

"HIGH TIDE" by hbd! is a beautiful bracelet which takes me to a place of
relaxation on a sandy beach somewhere enjoying the
sound of the blue waters rustle back and forth.
Very Serene...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're off to a GREAT start!!!!

Here are some more FABULOUS listings!!!!
Remember to search "Boutique Angels Charity" to find all of our listings
now through August ones popping up daily!

*ladesigns* reminds us that
Halloween is just around the corner...

This Mousey trick or treat bag is just begging to be filled with candy or
anything else your little one wants to tote around!

I LOVE the print..."Gotta love the mouse"!

Time for some Fairy Fun!
The Fairies will be all over the place this Fall...
so get a jump start on the trend and get this 4 piece set from key*west*kids for your
little fairy!
Simply Magical!
Get the matching jacket here! CUTE is this little caterpillar???
This FUN jumper by miniwhimzy will be recreated in
custom sizes 2 to 6.

It's perfect for back to school!!!!

Check out this SUPER FUN Scooby Doo tee by wildbydesign.

Yeah...your little one needs it...go ahead!
Oh..and the beanie is included!!!!!

"Blue Skies"...oh gosh this is just GORGEOUS...don't you agree???
The designer, hbd!, says
"This design is feminine, soft and just full of swingy fun!"
Oooooooh...I like "swingy fun"!

Monday, August 4, 2008

3...2...1...BLAST OFF!!!

We have launched!

Today begins the first day of our auctions benefiting the
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

You may search "Boutique Angels Charity" on eBay
now through August 17 to see the many wonderful hand-crafted
items our talented member's will have to offer.
There will be something for everyone---so check often!

Lookie what I've seen...
"Baking scents with no Carbs!!!" Ha...I LOVE that! Apparently one can have their cake and smell it too!!!! kjncm is widely known in the boutique community for these yummy soy candles...they are an absolute must! Indulge in these guilt-free sweets and bid today!

This cute little mischievous reindeer has gotten his antlers tangled up in Christmas lights! YIKES! He promises not to do it again, if YOU take him home! This cute tee for a wee one by tictactogs is sure to be a hit this Christmas!

How about some DELICIOUS strawberries???? Oh goodness...these are sooooo cute! Every little girl needs a pair of bows like these sweet little confections by glambella*boutique

AND, what??? Are they starting at $.99??? Bid now!!!

A bed of roses...ahhhhhhhh!
This 2 piece set by calicoflamingo
will be recreated in any size 6 mos to girl's 8.

It's at a great starting price, too!!!!