Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time to accessorize...

Every little girl needs a Halloween bow wear for school or just during the whole month of October! AND, this one is comes with a matching clippie, too! *SIGH* look at the candy corn ribbon bella*jo*bows to create the scrumptious bows!

Am I reading this auction right??? There are 20 of these small boutique bows??? eyes are not deceiving me...there are 20 according to the designer, sweetie*dumplings! These are a must have for a baby or toddler or even for the older girl who is still very much a bow girl!!!!

I've really been enjoying the trend of hand stamped's just simplicity at it's finest, making it a priceless keepsake! AND, this cuff bracelet is just so will be hand stamped with words of inspiration for the winner, by designer cinnamon*sticks!

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