Friday, November 21, 2008

Knitter's Paradise!

Oh boy...if you knit or crochet...this is the gift to give yourself!
There is high quality yarn, bamboo needles, cookies, coffee and hair fun!

AND, even if you don't knit...the cookies, coffee and clippies should be enough to bid on this one...then save the knitting supplies and gift them to someone you know!

Our last auction, from princess*bunny*02, is almost gone...get it now!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Princess Bling!

"Princess of the Ball"
Belle Hair Gem
This is a must have for any Princess lover! This beautiful little hair gem, by glass*slipper*boutique, will be recreated in any color bead of your choice...such a great price, for such a royal creation!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For your little Cherub...

A One of a Kind design for your little Cherub! How sweet is this? Very!
The fantastic designer behind hollysmama has ensured a perfect portrait for your little girl by creating this cute set! The matching hair clippie by the ever so popular, little*e*designs, is also included in the auction! Make sure to place your bid now, before it's gone!!!

"Her First Fringe"
This adorable, sweet bracelet by the amazingly talented, winipoo will be your favorite! So versatile, it is made with Swarovski Pearls and sterling silver. It's ending in just a few bid now!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

So you've always wanted a design all your own?

The lucky bidder winning this auction will have the opportunity to work with the fun designer, sweet*girl*boutique. The two of you will together create a One of a Kind set for your sweet little princess...

The designer has a large selection of fabrics and patterns to choose from...and here's a nice tid bit...she OWNS a fabric chances are you'll find something you'll love!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sweet tooth for sure...

Candy...sweet, delicious, yummy candy! These clippies are so deliciously just might confuse them for the real thing...but don't take that bite...these are strictly to sweeten her hair style. By sweetie*dumplings, you must bid on these!

Apparently that first listing wasn't enough to indulge one's candy cravings...because once again, designer, sweetie*dumplings...(notice the "sweet" in their name), presents us with another candy delight...this time in the form of bows...but that's not all---you get matching clippies as well! This is just the right type of sugar for your little one...


I love these bows...the colors are so rich! AND, I love that little flowered really need to get your little girl these bows...not just for Valentine's Day...but for anytime!!! You need to go bid now...designed by haven*sbowpeep...they'll be gone quick!

Sorry, I couldn't post the you will have to go and check out this auction for yourself! One more from cozycurio, this 5 piece set is for the Minnie fan...look closely, those are the Minnie silhouettes on that sheer fabric...cute!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're still at it...

Mickey...who doesn't LOVE Mickey? This nicely appliqued shirt by the sweet designer, cozycurio can also be made into Minnie at your request, if you are the winning bidder! Ya just can't go wrong with these mice!

Have a Strawberry Shortcake fan in your house? She will LOVE this complete set by sweet designer cozycurio! It comes with 4 pieces...yes, 4! You get 2 appliqued shirts, the twirl skirt and matching headband...make your little girl now!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lots of Fabulous goodies for your shopping pleasure! are almost gone and a must have! Mmmmm...cupcakes...who doesn't love 'em? AND look at the colors on these bows by thebowvine...they can definitely be worn with so many different outfits...and that matching necklace? Yep, it's included in the auction too...SWEET!

This set is "Just for girls"...and it says so right on the print the wonderful designer, spring*bean, used to create this FUN, comfy 2 piece knit set! She will recreate this in the size you choose and you also get to decide if you want the knit knickers or full leggings...personally, I LOVE the knickers!!!

Here it is...the perfect gift for your little snuggle bug! Your little one will want to tote this one around where ever he or she goes! It's so soft you'll want to grab it when ever they're not looking and use it yourself! Made in a custom theme of your choice, couture*4*my*cutie will recreate one just like this in your choice of size as well! *yawn*...I'm suddenly very sleeeeeeepy...

Here is one for that special little man in your know he's already a sports fanatic! You will receive the boyishly themed fleece blanket wonderfully made by couture*4*my*cutie and that perfectly matched lounge set will be recreated by the sweet designer behind polkadotsandpigtails. Hut, hut...score it now!

Another fun blanket from couture*4*my*cutie...this one featuring the ever so popular Hello Kitty! With this auction you will also be receiving the cute matching lounge set created by the fantastic designer of polkadotsandpigtails. Get one or get all three...cozy!

Like what you see? You will get a 3 piece surprise set if you are the winner of this auction from "Fresh. Fun. Fabulous" designer, tonihamel. You must see the auction to see samples of her work...and then of course once you'll be sure to bid!

Breathtakingly beautiful, "Cher Amour" is a design by princess*picasso! She uses only the finest of materials and you can be assured you are getting fine quality craftsmanship. Bid now!

"Snow Berries" is such a beautiful title for this sweet bracelet, again designed by the amazing princess*picasso. Sooo pretty!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going once, going twice...

A sweet concoction made to match the following listing! This skinny flower headband from little*e*designs, is the perfect accessory to compliment any little girl's all of it's pinkness!

AND, of course the new, popular FELIZ would have to make it's appearance in our launch! This yumminess was created by polkadotsandpigtails...just look at this sweetness! This is a must have for any little girl's closet!

What a sweetly painted tote from paintedbutterflystudio ...enjoy a treat from the Sweet Shoppe! She'll carry around all the little things that mean so much to her in this oh so girly tote! Bid today!

Howdeeeeeee! "Your Lil Cowgirl will Giddy Up with this..." , boasts the amazingly talented artist behind swirlsandtwirls. This one of a kind luggage tote was hand painted and sealed to last! If you've never owned a piece from this fabulous's your chance! Yeeee Haw!

Don't let 'em slip away...

The popular *ladesigns* Valentine's basket makes one more appearance in our launch!This one made with cute Japanese imported fabric. Can't you just see her bringing home this little basket filled with all of her sweet Valentines???

Comfort at it's finest! The talented designer, hollysmama, will customize a dress like this for your little princess in the color and theme of your choice! **Girls not included** hee , hee...

You just have to get her this yummy cherry bracelet set from jogees*purls. It comes with the matching barrette too! Look at those beautiful handcrafted beads the designer created herself!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Going, going...almost gone...

Well, you won't see burp cloths like these in the stores! Think of how special that mother-to-be will feel when you gift her these...perhaps her very first "boutique". The designer, lizzytishboutique, will personalize these for the winning bidder! Find the other set here.

Isn't this just the sweetest, most delicate blanket you have ever seen? Every Princess should have one of these personalized softies by lizzytishboutique! With Minky on one side and silky fabric on the other, I can only imagine how it feels...but you won't have to if you are the highest bidder!

Ooooohhhh...a bag of goodies is what princesstomato promises you will receive as the winner of her auction! You can not go wrong with this very talented artist...just look at her eBay ME page to see a collection of her wonderful paintings!!!

What a beautiful, timeless piece this is! What mother wouldn't tear up upon opening this gorgeous bracelet from my*only*princess? AND it can be personalized...up to 4 names/words can be engraved on that beautiful center hematite bead...don't wait, bid now!

Friday, November 7, 2008

You still have time!!!!

So maybe you have already bought her Valentines' day make sure you have something to top it all off with! AND, these sweet bows are just perfect by catherines*tresor*bowtique ! Look at that nicely done's included!!!!

"Friendship takes Flight" ...this adorable collaboration is fun, fuN, FUN!!!! This great 2 piece set from spring*bean...I like saying that, so I'll say it again....spring*bean, will definitely make her happy! Ugggghhhhh...and those bows from haven* 'em!

Ahhhhhhh *sigh*...denim! Ya just gotta have denim somewhere in that closet of hers...and this jumper certainly fills that request! The wonderful designers behind missy*lulu, room*6 and the*ladybug*bowtique put together a fabulous set!!! You're getting the bows with this one too!!!

Now come on...who can pass up this little cutie? I love this 2 piece's fun, casual and comfy and it features the ever so popular euro hoodie! This fun designer, emerson*rose, knows exactly how to get you to bid...her little model gestures "Pleeeeeaaase"...and with cherries on top! AND, don't forget those beautiful jewels by jogees*purls !

Get 'em while you still can!!!

This candy and flower headband just might give her a toothache...but it's okay, it won't require a visit to the dentist! Bid on this beautifully created headband from's still at a great price!

Who doesn't love the chocolate and pink combo? Okay, now what little girl doesn't have something hanging in her closet with the chocolate and pink combo? You must get this sweet headband from the creative monkeyseeboutique. AND, if your answer to the last question was "not mine"...well, you are in luck because it is made to match the new Gymboree line: Sweeter than Chocolate...problem solved! you have a little tomboy on your hands...well, even she needs something special on Valentines' Day! Well, here it is...created by bowznstuff and key*west*kids! This is a 5 piece set by two of custom boutiques' most sought after designers...but don't take my word for it...check their feedback for yourself! You'll be getting the top, pants, visor AND Bows! Get it...seriously...BID NOW!!!!

Oh my goodness! Look at that grin! Your little princess will be beaming from ear to ear too when she sees this in her closet! Lovingly made with wonderful Japanese imported fabrics by the very talented designers behind wildbydesign and key*west*kids, this is a great Valentine's day set that she'll be able to wear right into Spring!!!! AND, don't forget the girly headband from the amazing little*e*designs...with such girly colors she'll be able to wear this one with all of her favorite outfits! She'll definitely need the "must have" Valentines basket from *ladesigns* to hold all of those sweets she's is sure to receive! Oh just get the whole set...why not?

Here is a sweet collaboration brought to you by another great talent little*red*wagon and mimi*kattini that is full of twirl and fun! Find the cute perfectly matched clippies by little*e*designs (see a trend here?) and don't forget to get the yummy
cookie brooch by the amazing designer that is twinkiechan
while you're at it...but you have to bid now!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I know, I want to see MORE!

Um... no you can't eat this...but you can wear it! This delicious scarflet created by the talented twinkiechan invokes the tastes of pink and black licorice allsorts! Can you say YUM?

You must check out this collaboration for yourself! The appliqued top comes to you from key*west*kids and the twirl skirt by mimi*kattini, you can get this 2 piece set here. BUT, what about all of those lovely matching accessories? Well, the beautifully painted tote by the talented artist paintedbutterflystudio you can bid on here. Get the hair band bow and lovely necklace by visiting the auctions of wonderful ladies behind thebowvine. AND, little*e*designs created the cute skinny head must check out the pictures in her listings...the adorable little model had some fun with this one!

Adorable! This girly dress is so comfy she'll be able to do anything in fact, she might not want to take it off! This cute little number from one of my favorites, tictactogs , is yours if you bid to win today!

Now we all know how hard it will be to carry around all of those sweet Valentines she'll
be receiving, so why not send her off with something stylish and fun! This basket from *ladesigns* so sweet
and yummy...she'll use it after Valentines' Day too!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ready for some eye candy?

Look at the rich, vibrant colors in this Fall set!!!! "Warm Hearts" will warm her heart and those of everyone who sees her! This 2 piece set by sweet designer, *flourishes* , will be recreated in any size 2 to 5...and it will only be recreated if you want must bid on it now!!!

"An Afternoon with Friends" is just perfect for the little girl who loves playing with her friends as they imagine shopping at all the fine boutiques and then pause to have some juice in some fancy glasses! This beautiful art piece by painted*patooties will definitely put a smile on her face!

Oh WOW! Do you own an hbd! piece yet? This Triple Strand Sweetheart bracelet is just lovely in bubble gum pink, hot pink, red and crisp white! Your little sweetheart will definitely need some jewelry to top off her Valentine's outfit...and this bracelet will most certainly do the trick!

In need of some graphics? Check out this listing for 18...yes, 18 seamless backgrounds by tictactogs! She is even including a template for you to use...this is a great buy to spruce up any of your listings!!!!

Heart my Cowgirl, by the talented, miniwhimzy, is a cute 2 piece set that is sure to be a hit with
any little girl in love with pink ponies! This one will be recreated in any size 18 mos to girls' size 8.

Giddy up and place your bid now!

It's here!

Our last launch of the year is here!

All proceeds will benefit the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund...again, such a great charity!

Please search "Boutique Angels Charity" on eBay now through November 9 to find some wonderful and amazing creations!