Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I know, I want to see MORE!

Um... no you can't eat this...but you can wear it! This delicious scarflet created by the talented twinkiechan invokes the tastes of pink and black licorice allsorts! Can you say YUM?

You must check out this collaboration for yourself! The appliqued top comes to you from key*west*kids and the twirl skirt by mimi*kattini, you can get this 2 piece set here. BUT, what about all of those lovely matching accessories? Well, the beautifully painted tote by the talented artist paintedbutterflystudio you can bid on here. Get the hair band bow and lovely necklace by visiting the auctions of wonderful ladies behind thebowvine. AND, little*e*designs created the cute skinny head must check out the pictures in her listings...the adorable little model had some fun with this one!

Adorable! This girly dress is so comfy she'll be able to do anything in fact, she might not want to take it off! This cute little number from one of my favorites, tictactogs , is yours if you bid to win today!

Now we all know how hard it will be to carry around all of those sweet Valentines she'll
be receiving, so why not send her off with something stylish and fun! This basket from *ladesigns* so sweet
and yummy...she'll use it after Valentines' Day too!

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