Friday, November 7, 2008

Get 'em while you still can!!!

This candy and flower headband just might give her a toothache...but it's okay, it won't require a visit to the dentist! Bid on this beautifully created headband from's still at a great price!

Who doesn't love the chocolate and pink combo? Okay, now what little girl doesn't have something hanging in her closet with the chocolate and pink combo? You must get this sweet headband from the creative monkeyseeboutique. AND, if your answer to the last question was "not mine"...well, you are in luck because it is made to match the new Gymboree line: Sweeter than Chocolate...problem solved! you have a little tomboy on your hands...well, even she needs something special on Valentines' Day! Well, here it is...created by bowznstuff and key*west*kids! This is a 5 piece set by two of custom boutiques' most sought after designers...but don't take my word for it...check their feedback for yourself! You'll be getting the top, pants, visor AND Bows! Get it...seriously...BID NOW!!!!

Oh my goodness! Look at that grin! Your little princess will be beaming from ear to ear too when she sees this in her closet! Lovingly made with wonderful Japanese imported fabrics by the very talented designers behind wildbydesign and key*west*kids, this is a great Valentine's day set that she'll be able to wear right into Spring!!!! AND, don't forget the girly headband from the amazing little*e*designs...with such girly colors she'll be able to wear this one with all of her favorite outfits! She'll definitely need the "must have" Valentines basket from *ladesigns* to hold all of those sweets she's is sure to receive! Oh just get the whole set...why not?

Here is a sweet collaboration brought to you by another great talent little*red*wagon and mimi*kattini that is full of twirl and fun! Find the cute perfectly matched clippies by little*e*designs (see a trend here?) and don't forget to get the yummy
cookie brooch by the amazing designer that is twinkiechan
while you're at it...but you have to bid now!!!!

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