Monday, November 10, 2008

Going, going...almost gone...

Well, you won't see burp cloths like these in the stores! Think of how special that mother-to-be will feel when you gift her these...perhaps her very first "boutique". The designer, lizzytishboutique, will personalize these for the winning bidder! Find the other set here.

Isn't this just the sweetest, most delicate blanket you have ever seen? Every Princess should have one of these personalized softies by lizzytishboutique! With Minky on one side and silky fabric on the other, I can only imagine how it feels...but you won't have to if you are the highest bidder!

Ooooohhhh...a bag of goodies is what princesstomato promises you will receive as the winner of her auction! You can not go wrong with this very talented artist...just look at her eBay ME page to see a collection of her wonderful paintings!!!

What a beautiful, timeless piece this is! What mother wouldn't tear up upon opening this gorgeous bracelet from my*only*princess? AND it can be personalized...up to 4 names/words can be engraved on that beautiful center hematite bead...don't wait, bid now!

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